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Getting Our Hands Dirty

There’s nothing like a nutritious diet to keep us happy and healthy.

The same goes for our landscapes! Just as we need our vitamins, the greenery beneath our feet demands rich sustenance to keep it going strong. This is why we get down and dirty to provide a clean resource to your garden.

Coming Clean

We offer a screened, organic topsoil, free of contaminants such as large rocks and vegetative debris, plastics, metals, etc.  In addition to this hearty topsoil, we offer a nutritious compost blended topsoil that adds the right amount of nutrients to weak, malnourished soil where plants struggle to grow. This soil amendment blends screened, organic topsoil, compost containing turkey & chicken litter, gypsum and other organics, as well as mulch fines to add strength to existing soil and feed previously malnourished plants so that they may thrive.