Boiler and Hog Fuel

Biomass: The Facts

Biomass is a renewable energy source derived from the organic material of plants and animals.

Also known as hog fuel, biomass is a versatile energy source that we make on-site here at American Property Experts. Whenever we have bark, trees, or any other woody, vegetative debris that can’t be used to make mulches, we use our tub grinders and horizontal grinders to process them into biomass fuel!

How does Biomass Work?

One of the most common uses for biomass is as boiler fuel. Simply put, burning biomass releases heat that can be harnessed as an energy source. In fact, if you use a wood stove or wood fireplace to heat your home in the winter, you’re technically using biomass fuel! On a commercial level, biomass is often used in boilers to be burned and used to create steam which, in turn, fuels a turbine that can generate electricity.

What Are the Advantages of Biomass?

Biomass is very versatile and far more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels. As we continue to deplete the ever-shrinking supply of dead dinosaurs we currently use for fuel, the organic materials we turn into biomass will become more valuable.

Burning biomass typically produces less emissions than any type of fossil fuel – another major advantage. Unlike fossil fuels, the materials used to create biomass are virtually limitless. Instead of using a resource that will eventually disappear, biomass takes the plentiful, woody, organic waste the Earth is constantly generating and turns it into something useful! On top of all that, biomass can help keep our forests healthy and improve air quality! Is there anything trees can’t do?

So if you have some vegetative debris to drop off,  bring it to one of our locations so we can turn it into green, eco-friendly biomass!