Mulch. What is it?

“Ground up trees” is the general definition.

Industries exist in which perfectly good trees are cut down, ground up, sold in bulk to landscapers, or put into plastic bags and shipped to home improvement stores all over the world. Mulch is big business. It’s also a big reason many trees die.

What Makes Us Different?

While many mulches look the same, sometimes you may need to look a little closer to see the true differences.   Our mulch is not the typical “tree-killing” mulch.   Our industry-specific process allows us to take fallen trees, yard debris and LCID (Land Clearing Inert Debris), and recycle this material to create superior, environmentally beneficial landscape products. “Waste Not Want Not” is our guideline, and APE is founded upon this principle. As a diversified biomass company, we make sure nothing goes to waste, and that’s how we feel it should be.

Our Process

Using heavy machinery, a skilled crew, and old-fashioned work ethics, we grind vegetative debris that is brought to us by contractors, landscapers, homeowners, etc. We have a rigorous sorting process that separates fine particles, soil, and mulch-quality grindings into products of various uses. Some grindings are used as boiler fuel while others are made into colored and non-colored mulches you’ll see in landscapes all around Wilmington, NC and beyond. Additionally, we supply Wilmington and Southeastern, NC with screened, organic topsoil and rich soil amendment infused with turkey and chicken litter as well as other highly beneficial nutrients. Learn More Here!

The APE Difference:

We don’t cut down forests or bag our mulch for mass distribution; instead, our material is recycled, and we sell it wholesale to distributors and landscape contractors alike. We also welcome visits from homeowners, as we are your one-stop-shop to drop off yard debris and pick up some mulch or soil! For the best in bulk recycled mulches; all-natural 100% cypress mulch; screened, organic topsoil; and nutrient-rich, compost blended topsoil, look no further than American Property Experts.*

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mulch delivery
mulch delivery
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*Our products are made with recyled materials. There may occasionally be foreign objects/contaminents found within our recycled products. We have an extensive quality control and examination process to keep these foreign objects to a minimum.