Monster Machines

A Look At Our Equipment

When it comes to equipment, we have the machines and resources to accommodate any size project.

Whether it be vegetative debris grinding, land clearing or hauling, APE has the equipment needed to do the job the right way! And we waste nothing while doing it.  LCID, trees and yard waste are recycled into mulches and biomass fuel. Strippings and root mat are screened to remove large organic matter to create an indigenous topsoil. Every scrap is recycled to serve a new purpose. Check out the gallery to view some of our “monsters.”

Tub & Horizontal Wood Grinders

Our fleet consists of three grinders (1 tub grinder and 2 horizontal grinders), each touting their 1,000-horsepower muscles! These machines are used to grind vegetative debris (LCID, yard waste, etc.) and create our 100% recycled, colored mulches and biomass fuel, aka boiler fuel.