About American Property Experts

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As a provider of eco-friendly, recycled mulches and soils, vegetative debris recycling proficient land clearing, APE is integral to the communities in and around Wilmington, NC.

American Property Experts (APE) was founded in 1997. We are currently one of North Carolina’s largest vegetative debris recycling companies.   Our two locations in Wilmington, NC, allow for our landscapers and contractors convenient access to our vegetative debris recycling yards. This helps save time and money by providing an outlet for your vegetative debris and also having recycled mulches, screened, organic topsoil and soil amendments on hand.


Remaining a leader in the recycled materials market means listening to our client’s needs and offering only the best in performance and products.   We continue to meet those needs as we increase our product line of recycled mulches and soils. Through our valued partnerships, we provide for our wholesale clients a comprehensive bulk, recycled materials package. When it comes to grinding, hauling & clearing services, our construction clients benefit from our diverse skills and resources. Today APE continues to provide the highest level of customer service at a competitive price.

The American Property Experts Team

Our crew makes us special.

They make us what we are. We’re proud to work as a well-oiled machine, each day fulfilling our motto: “On Time. On Budget. No Excuses.”

This level of expertise and dedication is also why we rarely need to hire — our crew sticks together and stays together! Most have been here for several years. We’re proud to have them operating our machinery as part of the APE family.

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Q:  What is Tub Grinding?

As self-explanatory as it seems, this term isn’t widely known. Tub grinding is the process in which a tub grinder, a large piece of machinery with a round “tub” on the top serving as the receptacle for LCID (Land Clearing Inert Debris) and/or wood debris, is used to reduce or grind the aforementioned material into a reusable product. This initial product is either used as a biomass fuel, or further ground to produce our line of recycled mulches.

Q:  How do you make recycled mulch?

Rather than using deforestation for the sole purpose of producing mulch, we use trees that have fallen during storms or have been cleared from development sites, helping to keep our forests intact. Though it is often referred to as vegetative waste, we certainly do not waste a thing! Every leaf, branch, trunk and stump is repurposed here. We grind it up, and that’s where our recycled mulch initially comes from. It’s more eco-friendly than most bagged mulches you can find in the big box stores, and a preferred method in the help to reduce deforestation.

Q:  What is soil amendment?

Our soil amendment is a specific blend of our screened, organic topsoil; a compost blend containing both chicken & turkey litter; and mulch/leaf fines. It is rich in nutrients specifically designed to promote a very healthy and hearty lawn & garden.

Q:  What makes APE different?

Where should we start? Our team, our experience, our dedication to our motto (“On Time. On Budget. No Excuses.”) our commitment to repurposing every tree, limb & leaf. We work hard to provide the best service and products to help our clients accomplish their goals safely, affordably, and with a lighter ecological footprint.