Whether you’re a home gardener, a commercial landscaper, or take care of your own business’s landscaping needs, you want the best for your plants. In North Carolina, we’re no stranger to the high winds, extreme rain, and flooding that hurricane season brings with it. Unfortunately, there’s no stopping the destruction a hurricane can cause.

But what you can do is try to minimize the damage. For gardeners and commercial landscapers, this means choosing plants that are sturdy enough to withstand high winds, but still beautiful enough to be included in any garden. So if you’re looking for some hurricane-resistant plants, check out these suggestions!


Hurricane-Resistant Trees and Plants

If you’re looking for something to provide shade in the summer while being able to stand up against gale-force winds, these trees are great choices:

  • mulch deliveryBald cypress trees  are vigorous growers. They tend to start out tall and thin but will spread out as they grow older. They’re an excellent option if you’re looking to plant trees in a row to form a windbreak.
  • Nassella tenuissima,  also known as Mexican feather grass, isn’t native to North Carolina, but it does grow well in sandy conditions and can withstand high winds and hot weather.
  • Japanese maple trees  have strong trunks that can put up with a lot of weather-related abuse. They also feature beautiful foliage that turns red and orange during the fall.
  • Azaleas  are arguably the most popular plant in southeastern North Carolina, and for good reason. Not only are they beautiful and plentiful, but their tight structure helps them combat the effects of severe weather.
  • American holly trees  may start small, but they can easily grow to around 90 feet tall during their lifetimes. They have thick, waxy leaves that help keep them hydrated and can even produce berries that will attract birds.
  • Panicum virgatum,  or switchgrass, is tall and can be found all over the United States. Its sturdy nature means it’s well-equipped to grow just about anywhere, from mountains to plains to swamps.
  • Longleaf pine trees  are all over the place in North Carolina, especially along the coast. They grow well in our sandy soil and feature tall, flexible trunks that allow them to stand up to strong winds.
  • Portulaca grandiflora  is also sometimes called moss rose and features succulent leaves that look a little bit like rosemary. It’s drought, heat, and wind-resistant, with flowers that come in various shades of yellow, orange, pink, and purple.

As hurricane season approaches, make sure you’re taking all the precautions necessary to  protect your landscaping and gardens  from the high winds and heavy rains. If your business or property suffers soil erosion as a result of a storm, remember American Property Experts have the bulk soils and mulches you need to replenish and revitalize your home or commercial property. Give us a call at 910-793-1460 or  contact us online  to discover more about our services!