Tub Grinder vs Mulching Mower

What is the deal with “mulching mowers”? Do they really provide mulch?

First things first: Tub grinders and mulching mowers do completely different tasks! But the name “mulching mower” may confuse people new to yard maintenance. Misconceptions are plenty when it comes to the nature of “mulching mowers.” Many think that their purpose is to create mulch but while the substance provided from them can be reused in your yard, the usage of the material varies far from the type of mulch we make. We’d like to clear the air of any grass clippings that may deter consumer’s judgment when purchasing one of these contraptions!

What is the purpose of a “mulching mower”?:

    A mulching mower has a blade and mowing deck that are designed to chop the grass numerous times before returning the cut grass to the lawn. Mulching mowers not only create a stream of air that propels the grass up into the blades, but the clippings also hit the blade many times before returning to the lawn.
    Other mowers, on the other hand, direct the clippings to the side or into a bag to be discarded or processed later.

    Mulching mowers are helpful lawn care tools, but they aren’t designed to create “mulch” in the same way we do with our tub grinders. Many are used to collect and process grass clippings, leaves, and sticks left in the yard. These then are shredded into tiny particles that are easier to break down to release nutrients back into the lawn.

    However, when it comes to APE mulch, you’re getting a completely unrelated product from that of a mulch mower! Rather than being a mix of thin materials taken from your lawn, our mulch is a rich blend of tub ground wood and vegetation. This type of mulch belongs on top of soil used by your precious plants. In addition to providing vital nutrients, APE mulch suppresses weeds, retains water, and shields soil from harsh weather conditions. It also goes through a rigorous screening and grinding process to break down large chunks of wood and vegetation. The result is also appealing to the eye for landscaping.

    are Mulching Mowers and Tub Grinders Similar?:

    Both machines fulfill different purposes for your yard. Mulching mowers gather grass clippings and leaves to chop up and release nutrients to your lawn. In fact, they play a great role in sustainability due to your reusing of plant matter. Our tub grinders, on the other hand, process and break down wood and other bulky vegetation to create a product that provides nutrients, protection, water retention, and temperature control to your garden or landscape.

    If you want to give a mulching mower a try, just be sure to also stock up on APE’s 100% recycled mulch as well! Sustainable practices are the key to saving the resources of our planet!