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Land Clearing in North Carolina or anywhere in the world is part of the process of progress.

No matter what new project is on the horizon in your neighborhood or town, the land will require preparation. Land Clearing is usually thought of as massive removal of any and all trees, brush, and topsoil for a shopping mall, large development or parking lot. Occasionally, this is the case. More often, American Property Experts is called on for much more conservative projects.

1. Any project, be it a park or a high-rise requires “Land Clearing”.

It wouldn’t seem like a lot of “clearing” would be needed to turn a field into a park. There are considerations many people do not think of. Drainage and water run-off is just one. Flattening a knoll for a big playground seems pretty straightforward, right? Sure, except water will need somewhere to go when it rains and there will need to be a footpath to the playground. Otherwise, your post-rain playdate might be a mudpie extravaganza. Land Clearing in North Carolina and the mid-Atlantic regions presents an amazing array of terrains and biospheres. Here in Wilmington and nearby in Leland or Jacksonville, the soil is sandy. Mid-state in Greensboro, it’s entirely different. All of these factors contribute to the site work. As a result, Land Clearing contractors need to understand multiple soil types.

2. More and more, larger companies work to conserve green space.

Last year, a large grocery store chain contacted us for a clearing project. We were pleased when we saw the plans for the conservation of several old growth oak trees. The Wilmington site plan allowed for the removal of brush and newer growth for the building. Multiple green spaces were indicated. The majority of trees were protected and given a wide berth. For this reason, shoppers now enjoy a shady parking area and a better aesthetic and fit within the community.

3. Not all Land Clearing Companies are created equal.

In municipal areas, especially here in Wilmington, NC it’s no longer legal to bury or burn debris. The expense of removing vegetative debris can sometimes lead to inappropriate disposal. At American Property Experts, we operate our own vegetative debris recycling center. Our center is open to all for proper disposal of root mat, topsoil, trees, brush, and wood waste. It’s important to ask Land Clearing companies what they plan to do with the vegetative debris they create. Burying, though illegal, still happens from time to time and can create sinkholes. Illegal burning, of course, is more difficult to get away with. In more rural areas burning is still acceptable. It can be dangerous if not permitted and carefully monitored and burning is never good for air quality.

4. Top Soil Removal is Part of the Land Clearing Process.

Topsoil is nature’s compost. Here in Coastal North Carolina, topsoil is rather precious with so much sand. Most reputable Land Clearing Contractors understand the value of topsoil. As a result, they will usually save it for later use in beds and green spaces. In fact, we are often hired to screen topsoil especially for the purpose for use in green spaces. In keeping with this frequent request, we’ve recently started carrying a soil amendment. Amendments are great to mix with screened topsoil to enhance nutrients in the soil for plant health. Screened Topsoil and soil amendment are available by the yard at our Sunnyvale Location in Wilmington. We also deliver these and our colored mulch products to sites, if ordered in bulk.

5. Conservation does make a difference!

We don’t often think terms like “deforestation” apply to those of us that live in populous areas. We tend to apply that term to some distant rain forest. Even here in Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach, and the surrounding areas, it still happens even if on a smaller scale. Conservative, mindful land clearing and what is done with the vegetative debris and soil afterward is a top concern. To illustrate, each year, 15 Billion trees are cut from the Earth. Humans plant back around three billion annually. Though we can rely on the wind and mother nature to plant some “naturally”, the deficit is clear. At American Property Experts, we recycle everything we touch. We turn debris from clearing projects into beautiful kid safe, pet safe colored mulch. We save back that topsoil. Anything else that’s not suitable for your flower bed is used as fuel or is composted. The land clearing in North Carolina and the mid-Atlantic region that we are privileged to do is done with careful consideration and recycling and repurposing at the forefront.

6. Tree Graveyards exist

Some municipal landfills do take trees, stumps, root mat, and underbrush. Typically, it’s a giant pile that will slowly biodegrade. When the pile becomes so large that it takes up too much space in smaller landfills, APE is sometimes contracted to bring in our tub grinders to reduce the size of the pile. Again, we implore contractors or anyone hiring a land clearing company to ask where the debris will go.

“We do everything in our power to repurpose LCID (Land Clearing Inert Debris). Our goal, as a company, when land clearing, is to ensure that the material is reused to provide benefits to the environment. Our product line of mulches, soils, biofuels, to name a few, serve a purpose rather than filling up landfills, etc. Safety and efficiency are also very important. Lastly, we want to make sure our clients are completely satisfied with the end result. We want to ensure that they have a clean site in order to begin fine grading and the infrastructure install,” explains APE’s Director of Business Development, Bill Waggaman.